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We rely on all members of this forum to make these discussions a friendly place for you to share and read information. We encourage you to give and receive support through sharing your stories and experiences without judgment and to appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours.  If you see abuse, report it to us using the ‘report post’ button on the forums.

Remember that the forums are public so don't post personal information that you would not feel comfortable sharing with a stranger. Consider using your first name only in your username. All posts are moderated before publishing for the protection of all members.

Please make new members feel welcome, share your advice if it’s relevant to their situation or help them to use the forum. If you are a new member, remember to introduce yourself, your story is important and others will want to share advice regarding the specific issues confronting your family.

Some tips & rules for using the forum:

Only one account per person is allowed

Having multiple identities on our forum is not permitted. If you are unable to access your account, please contact us rather than creating a new one.

Do your best to stay on topic 

When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. When contributing to an existing discussion, try to stay 'on topic'. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread.

Post in relevant sub-forums only

Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators.


No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behaviour is grounds for deletion from the forums

Adult content

No pornography is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted.


All images and signatures must be 500 x 500 pixels or smaller. Posts containing over-sized images and signatures will need to be removed.

Illegal content

We need to make sure that material posted in the discussion forums is not disrespectful, hurtful, or inflammatory. We may need to edit or choose not to publish any post that:

  • contains disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any other member

  • contains advice or content that we believe is damaging, unhelpful or distressing to others

  • contains spam, links to irrelevant websites or advertisements

  • contains really offensive language

  • infringes the privacy of individuals or service providers

  • is abusive or otherwise discriminatory

  • advertises products, services or events

  • includes personal information such as images clearly displaying your face, full names, phone numbers, locations, postal or email addresses; or encourages the sharing of such details

  • puts overt pressure on other members to respond

  • makes attempts to facilitate personal offline contact with other members

  • describes or encourages violence, suicide or other activity which could endanger the safety or wellbeing of others

  • is a copy of another post or contains the same, or similar, message posted multiple times elsewhere

  • is made from duplicate accounts.


No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted material will be removed.

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