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Tell Us Your Story

If you are a mother of a son who has been unfairly treated in the courts or workplace, please fill in the form below. Don't be concerned about confidentiality.
We are asking for some personal details but you can use a pseudonym if you prefer. Most of the mothers need to disguise their identity because of ongoing legal issues so our editors will be altering some of this information before publishing your stories, in consultation with you.

Would you prefer to remain anonymous?
Is your son facing any of the following issues (tick all that apply)

Tell us about your experience reporting coercive control to the police. Include the station you attended and the outcome.

Brief description of your son's ordeal (max 500 characters)

Would you like to volunteer with us?

Brief description of Volunteering - Brief description of your skills and experience. Include professional roles or other relevant background (max 500 characters).

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